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Readyteacher.com is an educational resource website that provides access to high quality tutorials, free classroom lessons, cryptogram activities, video slide shows, teacher tools and more.  More free resources are being added frequently, so check back soon!

Smart Board Training Tutorials

Technology training is an essential part of professional development for teachers. However, due to the budget cuts, many schools cannot afford to pay for training workshops. As a school librarian, I am always looking for high quality resources and online training opportunities that can benefit teachers and educators. This website links to hand picked smart notebook tutorials that teach the use of different tools in the smart notebook toolbar, and additional tips and tricks to creating fun and interactive lessons.

Creative and Fun Cryptogram Puzzles

Cryptograms are word puzzles that have an encrypted message. A key displaying letters and numbers is provided for students to decode the message. Students decrypt the message by substituting letters that correspond to numbers underneath the blanks in the encrypted message. The cryptogram puzzles provided on this website are unique in the sense that they integrate both math and literacy skills. The encrypted text in most cases is either a definition or a learning concept that teachers may want to reinforce. To decode the message, students solve math operations to find numbers for which they can substitute corresponding letters on the blanks to unravel the encrypted message. Cryptograms have been included at easy, medium, and hard levels. Check them out by clicking on Printable Cryptograms  in the main navigation bar.

Video Slide Shows

Check out the video slide shows on this website. The slide shows of popular children’s author books are a great way to kick off an author study unit. Additionally, you will also like musical video slide shows of books by genre.

More sections will be added soon, don’t forget to  check back!