Behavior Management Reward Charts

Classroom Reward Charts For Behavior Management

One of the challenges teachers often face is unruly students with serious behavior and emotional issues. Time out and taking away of privileges often does not help. The behavior management  reward charts on this page provide a free, fun, and constructive way for behavior management. The charts are available in colored, blank, and numbered formats. I would suggest printing out a blank numbered chart. For each day the child  displays positive behavior, allow the child to color a numbered picture beginning with the first. The next time the child demonstrates the targeted behavior, allow him/her to color the next picture and so on. When the last picture/number has been colored, reward the child with a special treat or privilege. I got this idea of behavior management using numbered pictures from Teacher Tipster on Youtube and these free Reward Charts are just perfect for this purpose. Check out the Classroom Reward Charts and Teacher Tipster  video (Behavior By Number). Feel free to improvise!

Sunshine Reward Chart

Robot Reward Chart

Squirrel Reward Chart

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Teacher Tipster Video (Behavior By Number)

Robot Reward Chart colored

Robot Reward Chart BW

Sunshine Reward Chart 








































Sunshine Reward Chart BW


Reward Chart Squirrel