Cinquain Poem

Lesson Aim: What is a Cinquain?

A Cinquain is a five-line poem that describes a topic (person, place, or thing). The first line names the topic or title, the second line includes two adjectives or describing words about the topic, line three contains three verbs that describe what the topic or subject is doing, line four is a phrase that expresses a feeling or describes the topic, and finally line five summarizes or renames the topic in one or two words.

Cinquain style of writing poetry is attributed to Adelaide Crapsey (1878-1914) who based it on Japanese form of poetry called Haiku. There are several variations of Cinquains, but the easiest one to teach kids, and to introduce them to poetry is one the given below. It is also a great way to teach parts of speech to kids.

 How to Write a Cinquain

 Line 1 = One word (noun) that states the topic

Line 2 = Two words (adjectives) that describe the topic. 

 Line 3 = Three (verbs) or action words that describe what the topic or subject is doing

 Line 4 = A phrase expressing a feeling or describing the topic

 Line 5 = One or two words that summarize or rename the topic, or a synonym for the topic)

 Examples of  Cinquain

  Example 1.                                                     Mother

           affectionate, helpful

                                                              hugging, cooking, helping

                                                              a special person in my  life    

        my world


Example 2.                                                 Seasons

  beautiful, temporary

  arriving, changing, passing

 make the world colorful

 natural phenomenon

















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