Create Customized Booklets

Free Tool to Create Customized Books

Free Tool to Create Your Own Customized BookletsIf you teach K-2 grades, you would love this free tool that allows you to create personalized booklets using targeted phonics or sight word vocabulary. All you need to do is assign a title for your book, choose the template, select an image, and then type text for each page of the book. Using the built in image library, you can also create booklets for seasonal activities incorporating phonics and sight word vocabulary. If you want to take a step further, you can also open these books on your smart board and have kids interact with the text using the smart notebook tools. Since there is no option for downloading the book, you can virtually print the book to your smart board by choosing the Smart Notebook Document Writer as your printer from the printer options. When you hit print, the Smart Notebook Document Writer will print the book (virtually), and then open it automatically as a smart notebook file. It might take a few seconds for it to process this request, then you will be prompted to choose an option from the pop up box, keep the default option that is already selected and voila! You will see the book open as a smart note book file. Check out this free tool below!

Free Tool to Make Customized Booklets