Downloading A Youtube Video

How To Download a Youtube Video

HOW TO DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOAlthough Youtube is a great resource for educational videos and ideas, but  filters in most schools do not allow access to youtube from the school building. Therefore, in order to access youtube resources, they have to be downloaded and saved to a computer or flash drive. There are many ways you can download a youtube video but the least complicated way that also does not require any software downlaod is downloading the video from site.

Follow the directions below:

1. Open the youtube video you want to download

2. Copy the video link from the address bar on the top

3. Type in the address bar. Just type it exactly as you see it here.

4. Once on the site, paste the youtube video link in the bar next to the download button and hit download.

5. Next you will be prompted to choose the download format for the video. Choose the option MP4 360p which is the standard format for downloading videos. You will find this option a little below the download button. Your video will now start downloading.

Hope you found this information helpful.