What Are Elements of Fiction

Grade Level K-2

Aim: What are the elements of fiction?


Characters, setting, problem, solution


Ask, “What do we mean by fiction?” (Explain that fiction means a story that is made up by the author.)


Have students touch different parts of their body, (head, nose, mouth, cheeks, etc.)

Tell students that just like their body has different parts, fiction stories also have parts.

Teach students that the parts of a fiction story are called elements of fiction

Explain that fiction stories have the following elements.

  •  Characters mean people or animals in the story. Recall the title of a story read to students. Ask, “Who were the characters in the story?”
  • Setting means the time and place where the story happens. Recall the title of a story previously read to students. Ask, “Do you remember some of the places where the story happened? Was it day time or night in the story?” What time of the year it was? Tell students to pay attention the illustrations and words in the story to figure out the setting of the story.
  • Problem means some kind of trouble or challenge the characters face in the story. Have students identify the problem in a story previously read to them.
  •  Resolution is the last part in a fiction story. It tells you how the problem is solved, or how the story ended. Have students share out the ending/resolution of stories previously read.

 Activity: Read aloud

Introduce the book D.W.’s Library Card by Marc Brown

Do a silent picture walk.

After the picture walk, have student make predictions about the different elements of the story.

Ask who do you think are the characters in this story? Where do you think the story will take place? What will be the problem in the story?

Read the story aloud.

 Oral Assessment/Understanding Check

After the read aloud, ask the following questions about the elements of a fiction story.

  1. Who were the characters in the story? 
  2. Where did the story take place? What time did it happen? How can you tell what time the story happened?
  3. What was the problem in the story?
  4. How did the story end?
  5. Name the element of a fiction story that tells you about the time and place where the story happend.
  6. What is another name for people or animals in the fiction story?
  7. Name the element of fiction that tells you how the story ended?



Written Assessment/Worksheet


Directions: Write the correct element of fiction from the box below.

          Character       Setting         Problem         Resolution


1. Ms. Turner   ——————————

 2. D.W.      ——————————

 3. Library   ——————————-

 4. Timmy and Tommy ——————————-

5. Arthur ——————————

 6. D.W. could not write her full name  ———————————–

7. D.W. was happy to learn that she could check out the book again

 8. Arthur and D.W.’s home

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