Free Primary Cryptograms

Free Primary Cryptogram Puzzles

      Cryptograms are fun puzzles in which students decode an encrypted message by using a letter/number or symbols key. In my cryptograms, I have used a letter/number key as it also reinforces number recognition for little ones. The cryptogram puzzle below is from a set of cryptograms I have created for K-1 students. These cryptograms are based on a similar idea as the  online activity Tell A T-Rex.  The question asked in the cryptogram below is: Can a dog be a pet? Students will first decode the encrypted question, then read it carefully to answer yes or no. Great for developing phonics and comprehension skills! Feel free to download  or pin them to your pinterest board. I will be adding more of these cryptograms, so please check back soon!

Download Phonics Cryptogram Puzzle 1

With CVC Words

Phonics Cryptogram 1 CVC