Interactive Word Wall

Wordy Woods (An Interactive Word Wall Tool)

Interactive Word wallWordy Woods is a cool tool to turn your smart board into an interactive word wall. It is a display resource to present  words students need help with  in a magnified form on the smart board. You can create up to three word lists of your own and they will be saved for future reference. The words will be sitting on the trees (hence the name Wordy Woods). What ever word you want to review or students need help with can be dragged to the bottom of the tree and doing this will automatically blow up the size of the word for the whole class to see.  I have created a sample word list for you to try it out. Just drag a word to the bottom (center) of the tree and  see this tool in action! Step by step instructions on how to use this tool are provided at the bottom of the page. Once on the Wordy Woods site, scroll down to see the detailed instructions. 

Wordy Woods