Just Me And My Dad

Just Me and My Dad By Mercer Mayer

Just Me and My DadChildren’s well-loved character Little Critter goes to a camping trip with his dad. Mom says goodbye to both and off they go.  Once they reach the camping site, Little Critter out of excitement and good intentions tries to help out his dad in different ways, some which don’t work out at all. But in spite of some amusing mishaps, Little Critter has a wonderful time with his dad putting up tent, catching fish for dinner, and sleeping under the stars. (Note: The online version of this book is in two parts. Videos for both part 1 and part 2 are listed below). Great read for Father’s Day! This book now also has a wonderful app for both iPad and iPhone. Check them out!

Just Me And My Dad for iPad – Big Tuna New Media, LLC (iPad App)

Just Me And My Dad – Big Tuna New Media, LLC (iPhone App)

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