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Learn on Udemy Today!Udemy is an online platform that offers thousands of online courses in graphic design, web development, social media marketing, Yoga, health and fitness, and more. With Black Friday approaching, the courses are 70-80% off. I purchased a few courses to learn WordPress (blogging platform), social media marketing, and still looking to purchase a few more since the course prices are super cheap. As of today, all courses are priced at $14 regardless of the original price. The prices for most of the courses range from $50-$99 with some variations. Each day the price is going up a dollar until Black Friday, probably after which the courses will return to their regular price. I bought the courses two days ago when they were $12 and still considering to buy a Logo Design and Advance Powerpoint since the price is still low at $14.  To find a course, just type the course topic in the search bar, and your screen will be populated with the relevant courses. Each course has a star rating, reviews, and number of students enrolled in it.  Before you buy the course, you can preview it for 5 minutes, checkout the reviews, and still get your money back within seven days in case you are not satisfied with the instruction. This is an awesome but time sensitive opportunity for all who want to upgrade their skills and want to become savvy with technology in a low affordable budget. The price is going up a dollar with each passing day as the courses I purchased two days ago were $12, and today (Nov.23) they are at $14, and I am still drooling to grab a few more in some other niches! Checkout this incredible course sale while prices are still low!

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