Library Rules

Grades K-2

 Lesson Aim: What should be the rules in the library?


  • Non fiction Book: Manners in the Library by Carrie Finn
  • Chart to list library rules proposed by students

Activate Prior Knowledge:

The library teacher will welcome students to the library and ask;

  • What kind of a place is a library?
  • Why do people go to the library?
  • What does it sound like in a library?


Tell students that now they will listen to what some students have to say about the library. After listening to them, they will express who they agree with and why.

  • Student A: “I think there should be no rules in the library and students should feel free to say and do what ever they want.”
  • Student B: “I strongly believe that a library should have lots of rules and students should be silent at all times.”
  • Student C: In my opinion, students should follow some important rules in the library but they should also feel comfortable


Tell students that since they all agree with having some important rules, now they will have an opportunity to suggest some rules for the library. Ask, “What rules should we have in the library that will allow you to listen to stories, and enjoy reading your favorite books?” Make a list of rules proposed by students.

Say, “Students from all different classes like to borrow books from the library. Ask, “What rules should we have in the library that will keep the library books safe?” Add students’ suggestions to the rules list.

Say, “Everyone in the school likes to visit the library. Ask, “What rules should we have in the library to keep it a safe and welcoming place for everyone?” Add rules suggested by students to the list.

Review rules list with students.  Share a few more rules from the list below if they have not been mentioned by students.

Some Important Library Rules

1. Enter quietly

2. Raise your hand to speak

3. Listen carefully

4. Use voices soft and sweet

5. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

6. Return books on time

Compliment students on taking action in coming up with the library rules. Tell students that following these rules will create a fun and positive environment for everyone.

Wrap Up

Conclude the library rules lesson by reading the following non fiction book.

Manners in the Library by Carrie Finn

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