Literacy Cryptograms


Fun Literacy Cryptograms

fun printable reading activity for Kindergarten and early grades.










This is a fun constructive activity that will keep kids engaged  in a literacy task that that requires them to use both numbers and letters to unravel the mystery sentence. The encrypted sentence is made up of sight words or high frequency words. Children will solve the mystery message by filling in the letters that correspond to the numbers. Once they fill in the missing letters, they will rewrite the sentence below, and then draw a picture to match the sentence. Here is why this activity is so cool:

  • It reinforces the knowledge of letters and numbers.
  • Develops the skills to learn one to one correspondence.
  • Develops reading and self evaluation skills. Children will know if they figured out the sentence correctly or not by asking themselves: Does it make sense?
  • Integrates arts and literacy. After deciphering the sentence, children will draw a picture to go with the sentence.
  • Motivates children to predict encrypted words as they get closer to solving the sentence.
  • Keeps interest and curiosity alive throughout the task, as children will keep wondering what the sentence is till the end.

Free Literacy Cryptogram Download