Max’s Words

Max’s Words By Kate Banks

Max's Words Children's BooksMax’s brothers like to collect things. Benjamin collects stamps, and Carl saves coins. Both of them share their collections with each other but leave little Max out. So, Max plans to start a collection of his own. He decides to collect words about things that interest him like colors, food, big and small things. He cuts out words from newspapers, magazines, and copies words from a dictionary and sorts them into categories. Even though Max’s brothers didn’t care to share, Max gives away words that his brothers arrange and rearrange to create a story. Benjamin and Karl are fascinated with Max’s collection. After all too many stamps is just a bunch, and a lot of coins is only a heap, but a collection of words can create a story! This unique story will inspire and motivate children to learn new words, perhaps start a word collection of their own.

Max’s Words is a 2007 Bank Street – Best Children’s Book of the Year