Sites for Children’s Online Books


Websites For Children’s Books Online

best websites for free online books for children Children  should be immersed in books in both print and non print formats. Although reading from a print book provides a direct engagement with the text,  having access to online version of  books also enriches children’s reading experience in many ways. I mostly use the online read aloud after a book has already been read to the kids, or read the book up to the climax and then switch to the online format.  If the book is not available in print form, I often do a book talk to build their anticipation and background before viewing the story. Doing a book talk prior to watching the online version, hooks them to the story and also facilitates their understanding of the story events. I am listing some high quality websites  that provide free online access to children’s books so that children can experience literature in both  print and non print form. Hope you will find these free resources helpful!

Barnes and Noble Online Storytime

Storyline Online

National Geographic Young Explorer (Nonfiction)