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How to Plan a Skype Interview With a Children’s Author

Plan a Skype visit with a children's author for free

One of the best ways to integrate technology in the classroom is to organize an author visit through Skype. There are many children’s authors that are willing to Skype for free and bringing books to life. A Skype visit with an author also allows for greater student participation and engagement. Groups of students can be assigned different roles as greeters, interviewers, planners, note takers, noise monitors, thank you note readers, etc. To help you plan a great Skype visit with an author, I am  providing a link to a slide presentation that will guide you through the planning. One of the slides (#7) also includes a template for a letter to invite an author. Below, you will also find  links to find participating authors in your location, and for authors who Skype with students for free.

Slide Presentation to Plan a Skype Visit With an Author

Authors Who Skype With Classes for Free

Find an author in your location for a Skype Visit