Smart Notebook Tutorials

 smart Notebook Lessons  Smart Notebook Tutorials

       Smart notebook lessons on this site provide hands on training on using the smart notebook software to create interactive lessons. Once you have a smart board, you need to install the smart notebook software to lend interactivity to the board. The various tools of  smart notebook software allow you to add amazing features and functions to your smart board lessons. Whatever you can do with a computer mouse can also be done using your finger on the board. In other words you can use your finger like a mouse to perform all the functions that a mouse click can do. For example, you can click on any icon in the tool bar,  scroll the screen, draw/write on the board, drag objects or shapes etc.,

As with other technologies, the use of smart notebook software requires proper training to fully utilize all its functions. In order for teachers to gain the necessary training, I have linked to some high quality video lessons that provide instruction on how to use the smart notebook software to create your own lessons. Most of these smart notebook lessons are presented by Marcia Jeans an instructional technology specialist with the Wichita Public School District. Her smart notebook lessons are free and the best on the web. I searched for hours online to find the quality of instruction I was looking for. My search ended instantly when I found her lessons. Her instructional style is very effective as she not only explains the functions of each smart notebook tool but also demonstrates how it can be applied in creating fun and interactive lessons. Below is a list of her smart notebook lessons I collected from Youtube. For easy understanding, I have laid them out in a  sequential order so that each lesson builds upon the previous one. When you click on any of the lesson links, you will be taken to a Youtube page displaying that online lesson.  The lessons are short and the sound quality is great. I hope this collection of free smart notebook lessons will be helpful in developing a comfort level in using the smart board technology.

Happy Smart Boarding!

Smart Notebook Lessons

1. Downloading and Installing Smart Notebook Software

2. Setting Up and Configuring the Smart Board

3. Calibrating the Smart Board 

4. Tips and Tricks to Calibrating

5. Using the Smart Notebook Toolbar

6. Using the Smart Notebook Toolbar (Additional Tutorial)

7. Smart Notebook Navigating Tips

8. Typing Text in Smart Notebook

9. Writing With Pens in the Smart Notebook Toolbar

10. Using the Magic Pen

11. Using the Shape and Line Tool 

12. Using the Shape Recognition Tool 

13. Layering and Grouping Objects

14. Locking Down Objects

15. Using the Cloning Tools

16. Using the Smart Notebook Gallery

17. Using the Lesson Activity Toolkit 

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  1. janis gatewood says:

    Great info! I learned how to use many features from my SmartBoard and document camera that I have asked repeatedly from the “experts” at school on how to use. Thanks for the tips!

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