Video Of Bucket Filling Moments

Videos of Bucket Filling Moments

A bucket filling moment videoThe concept of a bucket filling moment originates from the book ” Have You Filled A Bucket Today?” by Carol McCloud. As depicted in the book, a bucket filling moment is when someone shows care, helps someone out, shows appreciation, or uses kind word with others. These acts of kindness fill the invisible buckets of others and also of the person doing these acts. On the contrary, someone saying unkind words or displaying thoughtless behavior dips into the invisible buckets and keeps his bucket empty too. The videos displayed below demonstrate some examples of bucket filling moments. They are a great resource to engage children in an insightful discussion of bucket filling and bucket dipping behavior!

Note: I have also linked the videos for the book “How Full Is Your Bucket” and the bucket filling song below.  (How Full Is Your Bucket) (Fill Your Bucket Song)

Have You FIlled A Bucket Today

A Bucket Filling Moment (Video 1)

A Bucket Filling Moment (Video 2)

A Bucket Filling Moment (Video 3)

Bucket Filling Moments Videos