What If Everybody Did That?

What If Everybody Did That? By Ellen Javernick


What if everybody did that by Ellen JavernickOne of the most important lesson to teach children at the beginning of the school year is establishing classroom rules.  Teaching this instructional piece through literature is a great way to engage children in this important discussion. What If Everbody Did That? By Ellen Javernick is a great character building book that teaches the value of personal responsibility and making responsible choices. The story is about a boy who displays irresponsible behavior by breaking the rules. He throws a soda can out the car window, feeds popcorn to the bears in the zoo, interrupts the librarian during story time so on and so forth. Each time he breaks a rule or does something inappropriate, an adult reprimands him by asking: What If Everybody Did That? Great book to demonstrate the importance of rules and the consequence of thoughtless behavior! Checkout more read-alikes of this book below.