Biography Lesson Plan

Lesson Aim: What is a biography?

Grades Level: Elementary


Biography, spine label, genre, nonfiction


Choose a grade appropriate biography to read to the students.


Teacher will ask the following questions to motivate students and activate their prior knowledge.

• What is a biography?

• What genre would you assign to a biography; Fiction or Non fiction? Why?

• Have students share some of the biographies they have read.

• What motivated you to read that biography?”

• If you were to choose another biography, what biography you would pick? Why?


Biography is the true story of a person’s life. It tells you about the important events that happened in the person’s life and what kind of struggle he/she faced to become a successful person. Tell students that in a library, the biographies are placed in the biography section. Point to the spine label, and teach that all biography books in the library have the number 92 on their spine labels. One way to tell the book is a biography is by looking at the spine label. If it shows the number 92, than the books is from the biography section. Also explain that biography books in a library are organized in alphabetical order by the first three letters of the person’s last name. The three letters of the person’s last name (also called the call number) can be found on the spine label of the book.

Display several biographies and have students tell their call number and where they would be found on the shelf.

Lesson Activity: Read aloud the selected biography.

Introduce the biography and invite students to share what they know about the person.

Read the biography aloud.

 After Reading Questions:

Whose biography we just read?

Where was the person born?

What is the person famous for?

Why is this person important?

Recall some events from the person’s life.

Does the biography of this person reminds you of someone else you have read about?

How do you think the person has influenced the world?

Wrap Up:

Have students turn to a partner and share some new facts they have learned about the person.


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