What is a Fiction Story

Grade Level: K-2

Lesson Aim: What is a fiction story?


Any suitable fiction book for children


Fiction, characters, author, illustrator.


Ask the following questions to engage students’ interest and to activate their prior knowledge.

What do authors do?

What do illustrators do?

What do we mean by a fiction story?


Explain that the job of an author is to write a story. Tell students that today they will pretend to be authors and create a story. Make up a beginning for the story as follows:

“Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a house by the woods. She often played outside but stayed close to her house. One day she was chasing a rabbit and went too far in the woods.”

Tell students to think like an author and tell what will happen next in the story.

Encourage and prompt students to provide more events for the story.

Finally, bring the story to an end.

Prompt students to think of a title for the story.

Ask students if the story was real or made up.

Explain students that the story they created using their imagination was a fiction story. Fiction stories are made up or not real. Authors also use their imagination to write stories that are fiction or made up. One way you can tell the book is fiction if it has characters in the story. Characters are the people or animals who take part in the action of the story.

Lesson Activity: Read aloud the selected fiction book

Review the front cover of the book. Review the title, author, and illustrator of the story.

Have student make predictions about the story.

Next, read the fiction book aloud.

 After reading: (Wrap up)


Who were the characters in the story?

Was it a true story or made up? (Made up)

What do we call stories that are made up? (Fiction)

How can you tell the story was fiction? (Because it had characters taking part in the action of the story)

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  1. Marge Hull says:

    Thank you very much for this complete lesson plan. My daughter is homeschooling 4 children, two who are autistic. This will really help her, and save me lots of work. I usually write her lesson plans.

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