What is an encyclopedia?

What is an encyclopedia? (Cryptogram Puzzle)

This is a fun cryptogram activity in which children will decode the encrypted message to learn more about an encyclopedia. This activity is prepared for third grade  level. Students will use a letter/number key to decode the encrypted message and learn some facts about an encyclopedia. This activity involves both math and literacy skills. In addition to simple substitution of letters from the key, students will also have to solve multiplication facts, and find the letter that corresponds to the product. Since the download file is a word document, you can also adjust the difficulty level by deleting or adding multiplication facts. You can also introduce division. For example, you can change the multiplication fact 3×3 to 81/9 since multiplying 3 times 3 gives the same result as 81 divided by 9. The link to the download file also includes the answer key.

 What is an encyclopedia? (Cryptogram Activity)

Cryptogram What is an encyclopedia grade 3